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V. M. Tkachuk1, V. V. Havrylyak1, P. V. Stapay1, H. M. Sedilo2

1Institute of Animal Biology, NAAS of Ukraine, Lviv;
2Institute of Agriculture of Carpathian region, Obroshyno, Lviv region, Ukraine;

The keratin fibers contain small amount of the internal lipids which are in free state or bound with fiber proteins via tioester of 18-methyleicosanoic acid. Today the origin of these lipids, their composition and functional properties are still not found. Therefore, our objective was to examine the content and composition of internal lipids in sheep’s wool with different defects. We observed that regardless of the type of fibers defect there are significant changes especially in the quality composition of the internal lipids, although the total content of free and covalently bound lipids in all cases is practically identical. Notably, both free and covalently bound lipids composition of felted and simultaneously felted and yellowed wool is characterized by changes in contents mainly of free fatty acids and ceramides whereas abnormal thinning of fibers is accompanied only by a decrease of sulfolipids.

Key words: wool fiber, free and bound internal lipids, felting, yellowing, thinning.

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