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O. I. Kiselev


Scientific-Research Institute of Influenza, Ministry of Health and Social Development, Russian Federation, St.-Petersburg

The paper is devoted to studying the mechanisms of combined immunosuppression in pregnant women with influenza infection to develop arrangements for controlling these processes and for decreasing mortality from this infection. In this connection the author is dwelling on the following problems:
- How are the fetus immune privilege and tolerance development provided?
- What mechanisms do underlie the functional immunosuppresion under pregnancy?
- Why are the infections especially dangerous for pregnant women?
- Is there the code of the immune system control, and do viruses use this code?
The paper deals with the problem of influence of endogenic viruses, which have penetrated the human genome more than 25 million years ago, on the great number of risks of development of various kinds of human pathologies: from infertility to pregnancy diseases; from development of malignant tumors to system pathology and autoimmune diseases.

Key words: endogenic retroviruses, influen­za virus, pregnancy, immunosuppression, immune system of pregnant women.

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