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N. V. Kandaurova, A. Ju. Chunikhin, L. G. Babich, S. G. Shlykov, S. O. Kosterin

Palladin Institute of Biochemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv;
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The influence of modulators of calcium exchange in mitochondria – oligomycin, Mg2+ and ruthenium red (RuR) – on the myometrium mitochondria size and granularity was studied in the work. The study of the mitochondria size was carried out using the photon correlation spectroscopy. It was shown that the average hydrodynamic diameter was 655 ± 14 nm (n = 5; control). The addition of oligomycin (1 µg/ml) – the inhibitor of АТР-synthase F0-component, increases the mitochondria average hydrodynamic diameter to 913?± 75?nm (n = 5), that is by 39% more than the control. In the presence of RuR (10 µM) (Ca2+ uniporter inhibitor) and Mg2+(7 mM) the mitochondria average hydrodynamic diameter increases to 788 ± 28  and 788 ± 38 nm (n = 5) respectively, that is by 17% more than the control. Using flow cytometry it was shown, that oligomycin (1 µg/ml) causes the increase of side scattering of the mitochondria. Addition of RuR (10 µM) and Mg2+ (7?mM) does not lead to significant changes in side scattering of the mitochondria. So it was shown that oligomycin significantly increases mitochondria granularity, but Mg2+ and RuR have no influence on this parameter

Key words: myometrium, isolated mitochondria, photon correlation spectroscopy, flow cytometry.

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