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BACTERIA Chlorobium limicola Ya-2002

M. B. Gorishniy, S. P. Gudz, S. O. Hnatush

Ivan Franko Lviv National University, Ukraine,
e-mail: M_Gorishniy @ukr.net

The nature of carbohydrates that accumulate in the cells of photosynthetic green sulphur bacteria of Chlorobium limicola Ya-2002 has been investigated. It is shown by infra-red spectrometry, that carbohydrates accumulated in the cells of bacteria are identical (by 90-95%) to glycogen of the bull liver. Exogenous glucose, saccharose, maltose, did not stimulate formation of glycogen. Growth of glycogen level in the cells of bacteria was observed at addition of acetate or piruvate in the conditions of bacteria cultivation in the light and in the presen­ce CO2 and H2S in the environment. Washed cells of C. limicola Ya-2002 did not use glucose of  the environment neither in the conditions of illumination nor in darkness, however acetate and piruvate are actively used in the light. During incubation of the washed cells in darkness the level of glycogen fell down approximately three times. Its amount during cells incubation in the light did not change. The decline of glycogen level in cells during their incubation in darkness was accompanied by piling up of carbonic acids in the environment acetate prevailing among them.

Key words: green sulphur bacteria, glycogen, carbohydrates, acetate, piruvate.

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