#2, March-April (2009)


  • Jasmonic acid and its participation in defence reactions of plant organism

    Paniuta О. О. | Shabliy V. A. | Belava V. N.

  • Thrombin and anticoagulant therapy

    Kolodzeiskaya M. V. | Sokolovska L. I. | Chernyshenko V. A. | Lugovskoy E. V.

Experimental Works

  • Action of vitamin B 1 structural analogue 3?decyloxycarbonylmethyl-4-methyl-5-(?-hydroxyethyl) thiazole chloride on transmembrane current created by ionic channels of amphotericin B in bilayer lipid membrane

    Shatursky O. Ya. | Romanenko О. V. | N. H. Himmelreich

  • Alpha-tocopherol prevents the rat thymocytes destruction induced by antimycin a and oligomycin

    Petrova G. V.

  • Anti-inflammatory effect of n?stearoylethanolamine on experimental burn wound in rats

    Gula N. M. | Chumak A. A. | Berdyschev A. G. | Meged O. F. | Goridko T. M. | Kindruk N. L. | Kosiakova G. V. | Zhukov O. D.

  • Change in concentration of cytosolic ca2+ caused by extracellular atp and ectoatpase activity in thymocytes and transformed mt-4 cells

    Grebinyk D. M. | Artemenko O. Yu. | GRYNYUK I. I. | Perepelytsina O. M. | MatyshevskaО. P.

  • Construction of immune library of murine immunoglobulin genes and screening of single-chain Fv-antibodies to diphtheria toxin B subunit

    Oliynyk E. V. | Kaberniuk A. A. | Redchuk T. A. | Korotkevich N. V. | Labyntsev A. J. | Romaniuk S. I. | Kolibo D. V. | Komisarenko S. V.

  • Effect of 17beta-estradiol on mRNA expression of proapoptotic protein bax and DNA fragmentation level in human adrenal cortex

    Tronko M. D. | Kovzun O. I. | Grinchenko E. M. | Mikosha А. S.

  • Effect of salicylic acid on the change in water potential, ethylene emission and activity of antioxidative processes in the winter wheat leaves under drought conditions

    Mamenko T. P. | Yaroshenko O. A.

  • Particularities of arginase and NO-synthase pathways of L-arginine con version in the leucocytes of peripheral blood under the X-ray radiation

    Peretiatko Yu. V. | Sybirna N. O.

  • Possible pathways involved in activation of catalase and superoxide dismutase with sodium nitroprusside in yeast Saccharomyces сerevisiae

    Lushak V. I. | Lushchak O. V.

  • Signal transudation pathways in the parietal cells under experimental ulcer stomach

    Ostapchenko L. I. | Drobinska О. V. | Chayka V. O. | Bogun L. I. | Bogdanova O. V. | Kot L. I. | Gaida L. М.

  • The influence of stress on the content of free radical oxidation products in subcellular brain fractions in rats at pubertal age

    Volkova Y. V. | Davydov V. V.

  • Аcetate transport and absorption in the gastrointestinal tract of white mice

    Golovenko N. Ya. | Borisyuk I. Yu. | Likhota E. B.

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