#1 January-February (2009)

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  • Role of active oxygen forms in spermatogenesis regulation and fertilization in mammals

    Shostya А. M.

  • Structure and functions of glutathione S-transferase P1-1

    Slonchak A. M. | Obolenskaya M. Yu.

Experimental Works

  • A portable sensor system for phenols detection based on molecularly-imprinted polymers with catalytic properties

    Sergeyeva T. A. | Slinchenко O. A. | Brovko О. О. | Piletskyy S. A. | El’skaya A. V.

  • Activity of aldehyde scavenger enzymes in the heart of rats of diferent age during immobilized stress

    Grabovetskaya E. R. | Davydov V. V.

  • Analysis of signaling pathways activated by nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in в-lymphocyte-derived cells

    Omelchenko D. M. | Kalashnik O. M. | Koval L. M. | Komisarenko S. V. | Skok M. V.

  • Antioxidant effectsof L-arginine in the rat heart under experimental rhabdomyolysis

    Filimonenko V. P. | Nikitchenko I. V. | Kaliman P. A.

  • Biological activity of native and modified lipopolysaccharides of Pragia fontium

    Varbanets L. D. | Shubchinskiy V. V. | Pokhyl S. I. | Seifullina I. I. | Shmatkova N. V. | Samburskiy S. Е.

  • Fluorescent derivatives of diphtheria toxin’s subunit b and their interaction with vero cells

    Kaberniuk A. A. | Labyntsev A. J. | Kolibo D. V. | Oliinyk O. S. | Redchuk T. A. | Korotkevich N. V. | Gorchev V. F. | Karakhim S. O. | Komisarenko S. V.

  • Genes expression of calcium signaling molecules in salivary glands of Drosophila melanogaster larvae

    Chorna T. I. | Hasan G. | Manko V. V. | Klevets V. Yu.

  • Influece of dielectric permeability and temperature of incubation medium on inhibition effect of eosin y on uterine smooth muscle actomyosine ATPase

    Labyntseva R. D. | Bobrovska O. M. | Bevza A. A. | Kosterin S. O.

  • Influence of hydrogen sulfide, dithionite, sulfite, thiosulfate and sulfate anions on human platelet aggregation

    Zaichko N. V. | Pentyuk O. O.

  • Peculiarities of serum glycoproteins fraction composition of rat blood serum at guerin’s carcinoma development under different vitamin A provision

    Marchenko О. M. | Shmarakov I. A. | Pasajljuk M. V.

  • Structural and dynamical properties of apical and mitochondrial membranes of enterocytes at experimental enteric pathology and the method of its correction

    Melnychuk D. О. | Hizhnyak S. V. | Grishchenko V. A. | Kysil O. O. | Voitsitsky V. M.

  • Сhanges of lipid components ratio in the rat bile after applying bombesin neuropeptide

    Moroz O. F. | Veselsky S. P. | Lyashchenko T. P. | Nurishchenko N. Ye.

Brief Notes

  • Nanoparticles: properties and application prospects Chekman I. S.


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