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The comparative characteristic of short-term and long-term ethanol effects on the rat organism state

A. A. Kaplia, L. V. Babich, D. O. Mishchuk, N. V. Didenko

The biochemical organism state markers were studied in the rat serum and brain cortex at shortterm (28 days) and long-term (16 month) chronic ethanol consumption (15%, v/v). In the first case the increase of alanine aminotransferase activity in the serum and hypertriglyceridemia have been revealed on the background of the stable main biochemical characteristics. The statistically significant decrease of cholinesterase activity and increase of alkaline phosphatase, aminotransferases, lactate dehydrogenase and ?-amylase activities in the serum, the reduction of the serum triglycerides, total and lipoprotein cholesterol, increased atherogenic index and serum urea concentration were revealed at longterm alcoholization. Total sulphydryl groups/protein level ratio decreased in the brain cortex. It is concluded, that ethanol-induced long-term metabolic stress is accompanied by certain organism state impairment at rat aging, determined by interdependence of pathological and adaptive processes.

Recieved: 2005-07-13

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