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Lipoprotein metabolism in patients with diabetes of type II

G. Kh. Bozhko, V. V. Sokolik, V. S. Chursina, T. G. Pertseva

Changes in contents of blood serum lipoproteins (LP) and activity of enzymes of their transformation were investigated in patients with diabetes mellitus of type II. It was found out that mechanisms of increasing of apoB-containing LP in these patients were on the one hand in enhancing of the processes of their new-formation in the liver. On the other hand, retardation of their arrival to peripheral tissues might be observed, that as a whole resulted in continuous LPLD circulation in blood. Above-mentioned processes were associated with a reciprocal decreasing of the amount of all the apoA-con-taining LP fractions examined. To a certain extent mechanisms of disturbance of LP metabolism in the circulation bed were stipulated by changes of function of the enzyme catalyzing their transformation.

Recieved: 2004-11-19

Published at the site: 2005-10-10

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