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Amperometric biosensor for lactate analysis in wines and must during must fermentation

L. V. Shkotova, T. B. Goryushkina, E. A. Slast’ya, A. P. Soldatkin, C. Tranh-MinhJ.-М. Chovelon, S. V. Dzyadevych

The amperometric biosensor based on lactate oxidase for determination of lactate has been developed, and two methods of immobilization of lactate oxidase on the surface of industrial screen-printed platinum electrodes SensLab were compared. A sensor with immobilized in the Resydrol polymer lactate oxidase by the method of physical adsorption is characterized of narrow dynamic range and greater response value in comparison with a biosensor based on immobilised in poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) lactate oxidase by the method of electrochemical polymerization. Operational stability of the biosensor developed was studied and it was shown, that the immobilization method does not influence their stability. The analysis of the lactate in wine and during wine fermentation has been conducted. High correlation of the data obtained by means of amperometric lactate biosensor and a standard method of an ionic chromatography has been shown. The developed biosensor could be applied in the food industry for the control and optimization of the wine fermentation process, and quality control of wine.

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