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Vol. 77, N 5, September-October, 2005


Dmitrenko N. P., Holian A.
Role of interaction of metabolism paths of formaldehyde and nitrogen oxide in the mechanism of their toxic effect. 2. Toxic effect of nitrogen oxide

Donchenko G. V., Kuchmenko O. B., Petukhov D. M.
Biochemical properties and functional role of ubiquinone (coenzyme Q). Aspects of practical use

Experimental Works

Kalashnik O. M., Petrova Yu. I., Platonova T. M., Skok M. V., Cederholm-Williams S.
The role of fibrin clot degradation products in the regulation of vital functions of PC-12 cells

Grinenko T. V., Zadorozhnaya M. B., Platonova T. M., Volkov G. L.
Inhibition of the process of Glu-plasminogen activation by tissue activator on fibrin, DDE-complex and D dimer by ?-2-antiplasmin

Dosenko V. E., Zagoriy V. Yu., Nagibin V. S., Moibenko A. A.
N-3-methyladenine effect on peptidase and ribonuclease activity of proteasome

Labyntseva R. D., Kosterin S. O.
Effect of eosin Y on ATPase activity of actomyosine complex of uterus smooth muscle

Akopova O. V., Sagach V. F.
Release of Ca2+ from mitochondria after mitochondrial membrane depolarisation

Artyukhov V. G., Putintseva O. V., Savostin V. S.
The influence of reopolyglukine and dialdehyddextrane on thermostability of human haemoglobin molecules

Mykhaylyk O. M., Dudchenko N. O., Dudchenko A. K.
Pharmacokinetics of the doxorubicin magnetic nanoconjugate in mice. Effects of the nonuniform stationary magnetic field

Bozhko G. Kh., Sokolik V. V., Chursina V. S., Pertseva T. G.
Lipoprotein metabolism in patients with diabetes of type II

Petrenko Yu. A., Gorokhova N. A., Tkachova E. N., Petrenko A. Yu.
The reduction of Alamar Blue by peripheral blood lymphocytes and isolated mitochondria

Okunev O. V., Gilchuk P. V., Irodov D. М., Deryabina O. G.
Obtaining and characterization of the single chain antibodies against human ?2b-interferon

Brief Notes

Skuratovskaya E. N.
Glutathione-S-transferase activity in blood of scorpion fish (Scorpaena porcus) depending on sex, age and season

Barannik T. V., Inshina N. M., Kaliman P. A.
Free heme pool and activity of key enzyme of heme synthesis in the rat liver under action of agents affecting reduced glutathione level


Shkotova L. V., Goryushkina T. B., Slast’ya E. A., Soldatkin A. P., Tranh-Minh C., Chovelon J.-М., Dzyadevych S. V.
Amperometric biosensor for lactate analysis in wines and must during must fermentation

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