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Vol. 77, N 4, July-August, 2005


Starokadomskij P. L.
Protein splicing

Kopelevich V. M.
Vitamine-like substances L-carnitine and acetyl-L-carnitine: from biochemical studies to medicine

Experimental Works

Shatursky O. Ya., Romanenko A. V.
The thiazole derivative reduces transmembrane currents via ionic channels formed by ?-latrotoxin and sea anemone toxin in the bilayer lipid membranes

Slinchenko N. М., Kosterin S. O., Gorchev V. F.
Functioning of the smooth muscle cell plasma membrane Ca2+-transporting ATPase reconstituted into liposomes in the presence of transmembrane Na+ gradient

Kochkodan V. M., Goncharuk V. V., Hilal N.
Composite template membranes as synthetic receptor systems. 2. Structural-morfological characteristics

Kruglova E. B., Ermak E. L., Voloshchuk T. P., Potopalsky E. I., Potopalskaya Yu. A.
Berberinе and amitozinе binding with calf thymus DNA

Petrova G. V., Donchenko G. V.
Cytotoxic effect of vitamin E short-chain derivatives on rat thymocytes

Mykhaylyk O. M., Kotsuruba A. V., Dudchenko N. O., T?rok G.
Some signal effects in human erythrocytes on specific binding of free doxorubicin and doxorubicin conjugates with magnetite nanoparticles

Baylyak M. M., Abrat O. B., Semchyshyn H. M., Lushchak V. I.
Survival and antioxidant defence of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae under starvation and oxidative stress

Sokolik V. V., Bozhko G. Kh.
Heparin role in food lipidemia formation

Yanitska L. V., Gubsky Yu. I., Kuchmerovska T. M., Veliky M. M.
Influence of nicotinamide on the course of peroxide oxidation reactions of biomolecules in the rat brain and erythrocytes under 1,2-dichloroethane toxic injury

Pogribny I. P., Prizimirska T. V., Kulik G. I., Lutsiuk M. B., Pentiuk O. O., Postovitenko K. P., Artemchuk M. A., Poirier L. A., Chekhun V. F.
Age-related effects of methionine-enriched diet on plasma homocysteine concentration and methylation of hepatic DNA in rats

Brief Notes

Iakovenko I. N., Zhirnov V. V.
Sodium azide as indirect nitric oxide donor: researches on the rat aorta isolated segments

Danylovych Yu. V.
Active nitrogen and oxygen metabolites change cAMP level in the uterus myocytes treated by progesterone

Popova L. D.
Estimation of free radical process intensity in rats with different audiogenic seizure susceptibility by means of biochemiluminiscent methods

Kyrychenko E. V., Tishchenko O. M.
Effect of exogenous specific lectin on lectin activity in the wheat seedlings and leaves


Bobrovnik S. A.
Determining the parameters for receptor-ligand interaction by serial dilution method for the case when the ligand and receptor are in a pre-existing mixture

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