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Determination of the affinity constants for high- and low-affinity antibodies,
which are in a mixture, using ELISA and the method of non-linear regression

S. A. Bobrovnik 

It was shown that application of the method of non-linear regression for the solution of the equation, which relates the fraction of free antibodies in a mixture and antigen concentrations, allows to determine the affinity constants for two antibodies in a mixture. Such method is easier and more accurate than the suggested by us earlier method, which use the numerical solution of the appropriate four equations, that describe the relations between the experimental data obtained by ELISA, competing antigen concentration, and values of antibody affinity. In addition, the proposed method allows using much less quantity of experimental measurements without diminishing of the accuracy for the affinity constants evaluations.

Recieved: 2004-10-05

Published at the site: 2005-05-05

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