Journal archive > 2005 > #3, May-June

Investigation of antioxidant activity of quinoline thio-derivatives

V. P. Gromova, L. O. Omeljanchik, O. A. Brazhko, M. P. Zavgorodny, G. S. ShapovalO. P. Tarasyuk

Аntioxidant activity of new synthetic physiologically active substances (thioderivatives of quinoline) are investigated using the complex of primary estimation techniques in vitro and in vivo. It is shown that the compounds investigated display both anti-radical and anti-oxidative activity, most strongly delineated for the compounds with methoxygroup in the 6th position of quinoline cycle. The suppositions concerning the mechanism of their antioxidant activity are made.

Recieved: 2005-02-12

Published at the site: 2005-05-05

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