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Kinetic model of spermine effect on the Mg2+,ATP-dependent Ca2+ transport in smooth muscle mitochondria

S. O. Kosterin, L. G. Babich, S. G. Shlykov, O. V. Titus, L. A. Borisova

In experiments, carried out with the use of a radioactive label (45Ca2+) on suspension of rat uterus myocytes treated with digitonin solution (0.1 mg/ml), influence of spermine on the Mg2+,ATP-dependent Ca2+ transport in the mitochondria was investigated. Ca2+ accumulation in the mitochondria was tested as such which was blocked by ruthenium red (10 ?M) and was not sensitive to thapsigargin (100 nM). It was shown, that dependence of initial speed of Ca ions accumulation in the mitochondria on spermine concentration (0.1–10 mm) is described by a bell-shaped curve. Spermine concentration being increased in the range of 0.1–1 mM the stimulation of Ca2+ accumulation was observed, at the further increase in polyamine concentration up to 10 mM the suppression of this process took place. On the basis of the analysis of the authors’ experimental results and the literature data the model of complex spermine action on Ca2+ accumulation in mitochondria was proposed and analyzed. The existence of two spermine binding sites on mitochondrial membrane – S1 and S2 occupation of which is connected to activation and inhibition of Ca2+-unipoter, accordingly, was taken into account. The kinetic analysis of the model which has been made in an equilibrium mode, allowed to calculate some important quantitative parameters describing spermine influence on Ca ions accumulation in mitochondria. It is supposed, that the proposed model can be useful in the further research of polyamine influence on transmembrane exchange of Са ions in mitochondria.

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