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Analysis of variance of influences of bivalent metals cations on membrane Nа+, K+-ATPase activity of loach embryos

L. Ya. Ivashkiv, M. V. Tselevych, N. M. Boyko, D. I. Sanagurskyi

The evaluation of influences Cd2+, Zn2+, Mn2+ in concentrations 10-6, 10-5 и 10-4 M (factor of dose) on the Na+, K+-АТP-ase activity in the early period of development (60–330 min.) of loach embryos (time factor) using one- and two-factor analysis of variance has been performed. It has been detected, that the changes of enzyme activity are mainly caused by action of the explored cations and do not depend on time of embryos development. The most influence on activity in the indicated period of embryos development of loach renders Cd2+ in concentration 10-4 M, relative value of its influence being 95.7% (p < 0.01). Substantial concentration dependence of the Na+, K+-АТP-ase activity is exposed to the action of each of cations. The values of the influence of their concentration changes during the studied period of development differ insignificantly for all cations and make 76.2–77.5% (p < 0.01).

Recieved: 2005-01-12

Published at the site: 2005-05-05

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