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Vol. 77, N 3, May-June, 2005


Gospodaryov D. V., Lushchak V. I.
Iron metabolism in the yeast

Baraboy V. A.
?-Lipoic – dihydrolipoic acids – active bioantioxidant and bioregulatory system

Melenevska N. V., Miroshnichenko M. S., Shuba M. F.
The molecular signaling mechanisms modulation in excitable cells by toxins andbacterial substances

Experimental Works

Lushchak V. I., Hermes-Lima M.
The effect of buthionine sulfoximine on the glutathione level in goldfish tissues

Dosenko V. E., Zagoriy V. Yu., Moibenko A. A.
Influence of proteasomal proteolysis on NO-synthase activity in isolated platelets

Ivashkiv L. Ya., Tselevych M. V., Boyko N. M., Sanagurskyi D. I.
Analysis of variance of influences of bivalent metals cations on membrane Nа+, K+-ATPase activity of loach embryos

Kit Yu. Ya., Кіm А. А., Gout N. R., Richter V. A.
Protein kinase activity of immunoglobulins of human blood plasma

Andrukhova O. V., Babiychuk E. B., Andrukhov O. Ya., Babiychuk V. S., Danilova V. M.
The effect of nitric oxide on the activity of 5?-nucleotidase in the structure of smooth muscle cell membrane rafts

Borisova T. A., Krisanova N. V., Himmelreich N. H.
Modulating effect of glutamate transport inhibitors on accumulation and release of the neuromediator by rat brain nerve terminals

Akopova O. V., Sagach V. F.
Calcium release from the rat liver mitochondria under collapse of the membrane potential

Kosterin S. O., Babich L. G., Shlykov S. G., Titus O. V., Borisova L. A.
Kinetic model of spermine effect on the Mg2+,ATP-dependent Ca2+ transport in smooth muscle mitochondria

Gromova V. P., Omeljanchik L. O., Brazhko O. A., Zavgorodny M. P., Shapoval G. S., Tarasyuk O. P.
Investigation of antioxidant activity of quinoline thio-derivatives

Antonyuk V. O.
Purification and study of carbohydrate specificity of lectin from Sarcoscypha coccinea (FR.) Lambette

Kolodzeyskaya M. V., Volkov G. L.
Interrelation between thrombin structure and its stability

Gula N. M., Kosyakova G. V., Kindruk N. L., Khmel T. O.
The influence of N-stearoylethanolamine at the level of stable NO metabolites under different pathological conditions which are accompanied by oxidative stress

Gavenauskas B. L., Nosar V. I., Kurhalyuk N. M., Nazarenko A. I., Bratus L. V., Shuvalova I. M., Mankovskaya I. N.
Effect of intermittent hypoxic hypoxia on energy supply of rat skeletal muscle under adaptation to physical work

Popova L. D.
Features of tryptophan influence on inhibitory mediator content in rats with different levels of seizure susceptibility

Melnichuk S. D., Vykhovanets V. I.
Influence оf conditions of artificial hibernation on power exchange indices in rats

Karpova I. S., Koretska N. V., T. O. Kochubey T. O.
Ability of lectins to model the action of antibiotics on growth of mutants of Bacillus subtilis

Brief Notes

Batsmanova L. M.,  Taran N. Yu., Okanenko A. А., Musienko M. M.
Wheat photosynthesising tissue glycolipid changes induced by exogenous hydrogen peroxide


Gonchar М. V., Grabek D., Oklejewich B., Pavlishko H. М., Shamlian О. V., Sybirny V. А., Kotylak Z., Rudke К., Cs?regi E., Sibirny A. A.
A new enzymo-chemical method for simultaneous assay of methanol and formaldehyde

Bobrovnik S. A.
Determination of the affinity constants for high- and low-affinity antibodies, which are in a mixture, using ELISA and the method of non-linear regression

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