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Vol. 77, N 2, March-April, 2005


Zarudnaya M. I., Kolomiets I. M., Potyahaylo A. L., Hovorun D. M.
Dimer linkage structure in retroviruses: models that include both duplex and quadruplex domains

Nazarko T. Y., Sibirny A. A.
Molecular mechanisms of autophagic peroxisome degradation in yeasts

Volkov G. L., Andrianov S. I., Havrylyuk E. S., Goroshnikova T. V., Slominskiy A. Yu.
Biomoleculs purification by the method of the expanded bed adsorption chromatography. III. Method optimization. Aplications

Druzhina N. A., Moiseev A. Yu.
Application of luminescent methods in biochemical investigations

Experimental Works

Veklich T. O., Kosterin S. O.
Comparative research of properties of Na+,K+-ATPase and Mg2+-ATPase of the plasma membrane of the myometrium

Grebinyk D. M., GrynyuK I. I., Matyshevska О. P.
Study on calcium homeostasis during thymocyte apoptosis II. Accumulation of calcium in mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum

Akopova O. V., Sagach V. F.
The influence of nitric oxide donors on Ca2+-uptake in rat heart and liver mitochondria

Vadzyuk O. B.
Influence of caffeine and cyclosporin a on the transmembrane exchange of Ca2+ in smooth muscle mitochondria

Gruzina T. G., Vember V. V., Dibkova S. N., Ulberg Z. R.
Structure functional aspects of bacteria membrane–liposomes interactions

Kochkodan V. M., Goncharuk V. V.
Composite template membranes as synthetic receptor systems. 1. Preparation, specificity and template effect

Koval L. M., Romaniuk S. I., Kolibo D. V., Skok M. V., Komisarenko S. V.
The role of nicotine in regulating lymphocyte proliferation

Gulaya N. M., Margitich V. M., Klimashevsky V. M., Goridko T. M., Artamonov M. V., Zhukov O. D.
Neuroprotective effect of N-acylethanolamines under chronic morphine dependence. II. Effect on rat brain fatty acid composition

Chayka V. O., Gavrish L. I., Khilko T. D., Ostapchenko L. I.
Participation of cyclic nucleotides and phospholipidis in signal transfer of histamin receptor H3 in gastric mucosa cells in rats with experimental ulcer

Abrat O. B., Semchyshyn H. M., Lushak V. I.
Survival and antioxidant defense of Escherichia coli in response to alloxan exposure

Tishchenko M. V.
Exchange parameters of oxygen and nitric oxide active forms in humans with high arterial blood pressure

Filyak O. S., Stoika R. S.
Comparative study of p53 expression in human carcinoma cell lines A549 and MCF7 under anticancer drug treatment

Marchenko О. M., Ketsa O. V.
Effect of liposomal antitumor preparation 5,6-benzcumarine-5-uracil on the free-radical processes intensity in the microsomal liver and tumor cells fraction of rats with transplanted Guerin’s carcinoma

Kuznetsova L. P., Sochilina E. E., Faddejeva M. D., Yagodina O. V.
Influence of some isoquinoline alkaloids on enzymatic activity of acetylcholinesterase and monoamine oxidase

Kaliman P. A., Okhrimenko S. M.
Glucose–fatty acids cycle under oxidative stress in rats caused by cobalt chloride

Brief Notes

Veremeenko K. N., Kizim A. I., Semyoshkina T. V.
Activity of cysteine proteinases and their inhibitors in larynx cancerogenic tumours

Gospodaryov D. V., Mandryk S. Ya., Lushchak V. I.
The role of catalases in protection of proteins against oxidation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae utilizing ethanol as a carbon source

Pirogova L. V., Starodub N. F., Nagaeva L. I.
Detection of the level of antibodies against bovine leucosis in the cattle milk serum by immune sensor based on the surface plasmon resonance


Bobrovnik S. A., Komisarenko S. V., Ilyina L. V.
Novel and simple ELISA-based method for antibody affinity determination