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Amperometric biosensor for ethanol analysis in wines and must during wine fermentation

L. V. Shkotova, E. A. Slast'ya, T. A. Zhylyakova, A. P. Soldatkin, W. Schuhmann, S. V. Dzyadevych

The amperometric biosensor for ethanol determination based on alcohol oxidase immobilised by the method of electrochemical polymerization has been developed. The industrial screen-printed platinum electrodes were used as transducers for creation of amperometric alcohol biosensor. Optimal conditions for electrochemical deposition of an active membrane with alcohol oxidase has been determined. Biosensors are characterised by good reproducibility and operational stability with minimal detection limit of ethanol 8 ? 10-5 М. The good correlation of results for ethanol detection in wine and during wine fermentation by using the developed amperometric biosensor with the data obtained by the standard methods was shown (r = 0.995).

Recieved: 2004-11-12

Published at the site: 2005-02-02

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