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Indices of lipid and phospholipid spectra of the blood plasma during neonathal enteropathology of calves under reparative therapy

D. O. MelnychukV. A. Gryshchenko

The paper deals with dynamics peculiarities of quantitave changes of the same classes of lipid and phospholipid spectra of blood plasma of calves which have recovered from dyspepsia. The obtained reliable changes of blood plasma lipidogrammas testify to development of dyslipidhaemia, hypercholesterolhaemia and hyperthreacylglycerolhaemia as well as the deficiency of choline fractions of phosphatide – main structural components of cell membranes. It was established that changes of lipid and phospholipid spectrum of the blood plasma caused by enteropathology could be corrected by the inclusion of reparative therapy remedies to dyspepsia treatment plan, in particular, experimental phospholipids-containing remedy, which is prepared on the basis of milk phospholipids – their natural source for newborn calves.


Recieved: 2004-11-12

Published at the site: 2005-02-02

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