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Viruses as etiological factor of type 1 diabetes. Modelling on the animals??

T. M. Kuchmerovska,  A. V. Karpov, G. V. Donchenko

Type 1 diabetes (TID) results from the destruction of pancreatic ?-cells. In spite of genetic predisposition, being the major component for the development of this type of diabetes, nongenetic factors also play an important role in the disease development. Among these factors viruses are implicated in the pathogenesis of TID. Basing on the literature data we have attempted to elucidate possible role of viruses in TID pathogenesis. Viruses may be involved in the TID pathogenesis in at least two distinct mechanisms. Firstly, viruses may trigger ?-cell-specific autoimmunity with or without direct infection of ?-cells. Secondly, viruses may directly infect and destroy ?-cells resulting in TID. Moreover viruses not only cause diabetes, but also may prevent from the disease in animals susceptible to diabetes. Further studies are necessary to understand the mechanisms of the pathogenesis of human virus-induced TID.

Recieved: 2004-11-12

Published at the site: 2005-02-02

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