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Vol. 77, N 1, January-February, 2005


Dmitrenko M. P., Holian A.
Role of the paths of formaldehyde and nitric oxide metabolism interdependence in mechanism of their toxic action. I. Exo- and endogenous sources of formaldehyde and nitric oxide. Toxic action of formaldehyde

Kuchmerovska T. M., Karpov A. V., Donchenko G. V.
Viruses as etiological factor of type 1 diabetes. Modelling on the animals

Experimental Works

Guly M. F., Silonova N. V., Pechenova T. M., Shevtzova N. F., Кlimenkо L. P.
Influence of formiate on free amino acids contents in tissues and organs of rats in vitro and in vivo

Gula N. M., Guly M. F., Kharchenko N. K., Goridko T. M., Margitich V. M.
Neuroprotective effect of N-acylethanolamines under chronic morphine dependence. III. Influence on the neurotransmitters content in the rat brain

Kharchenko O. V., Kharitonenko A. I., Vovk A. I., Kukhar V. P., Babiy L. V., Khilchevskyi A. N., Melnyk A. K.
Inhibiting properties of stable nitroxyl radicals in reactions of linoleyl acid and linoleyl alcohol oxidation catalyzed by 5-lipoxygenase

Gospodaryov D. V., Bailyak M. M., Lushchak V. I.
Free radical in vitro inactivation of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase from the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Pushkarev V. M., Kovzun O. I., Tronko M. D., Kostiuchenko N. M., Mikosha А. S.
The role of phosphoinositides, protein kinase C and protein kinase A in the K+ regulatory signal transduction in human adrenocortical cells

Petrova G. V., Donchenko G. V.
Effect of ?-tocopherol and its derivatives on actinomycin D induced apoptosis of rat thymocytes

Zelena L. B., Sorochinsky B. V.
Some features of gene expression in scots pine morphologically abnormal needles

Melnichuk D. O., Melnichuk S. D., Silonova N. B.
Influence of the state of artificial hibernation on intensity of metabolic processes in rabbits

Melnychuk D. O., Gryshchenko V. A.
Indices of lipid and phospholipid spectra of the blood plasma during neonathal enteropathology of calves under reparative therapy

Shkotova L. V., Slast’ya E. A., Zhylyakova T. A., Soldatkin A. P., Schuhmann W., Dzyadevych S. V.
Amperometric biosensor for ethanol analysis in wines and must during wine fermentation

Fedenko V. S., Shemet S. A., Struzhko V. S.
Complexation of cyanidin with cadmium ions in solution

Brief Notes

Bobrovnik S. A.
A new thermodynamic function, which allows easy determination of the direction of a reaction and its energetic characteristics

Mathematical Modeling of Biochemical Processes

Kosterin S. O., Prilutsky Yu. I., Borisko P. O., Miroshnichenko M. S.
Kinetic analysis of the influence of inverse effectors (inhibitors and activators) on enzymatic (transport) activity of proteins