Journal archive 2004

Vol. 76, N 1 January-February, 2004


Volkov G. L., Andrianov S. I., Goroshnikova N. V., Havrylyuk E. S.
Treatment of biomolecules of the method of adsorptional chromathgraphy in the expandened bed. I. Principles of the method

Bytes N. V., Hizhnyak S. V.
Expression of the lipopolysaccharide-receptors in the rat liver cells under normal and inflammatory conditions

Baraboy V. A., Shestakova E. N.
Selenium: the biological role and antioxidant activity

Experimental Works

?Pirog T. P., Kuzminskaya Yu. V., Kovalenko M. A.
Metabolism of С26-substrates under mixotrophic growth of Acinetobacter sp. В-7005 and B 7005 (1НГ) strains

?Kravtsova V. V., Kravtsov A. V.
Inactivation of Nа+, К+-АТРase from cattle brain by sodium fluoride

Akopova O. V., Sagach V. F.
Induction of the mitochondrial pore opening as affected by Ca2+ in the rat myocardium

Tkachenko G. M., Kurhalyuk N. M., Vovkanych L. S.
Effect of KATP channels opener pinacidil on functioning of liver mitochondria of rats with different resistance to hypoxia under stress conditions

Manko V. V., Bychkova S. V., Klevets V. Yu.
Identification of Ca2+ release channels in salivary glands secretory cells of Chironomus plumosus L.

Antonyuk V. O.
Purification of lectin from perch (Persa fluviatilis L.) roe specific to cellobiose and study of its properties

Dmitruk K. V., Abbas C. A., Voronovsky A. Y., Kshanovska B. V., Sibirna K. A., Sibirny A. A.
Cloning of structural genes involved in riboflavin synthesis of the yeast Candida famata

Danylovych Yu. V.
Steroid hormones and oxitocine action on NO and H2O2 originating in endometrium

Orlova E. A., Komarevtseva I. A.
Role of NO-synthase in stimulation of opiate receptor and kidney oxidative stress resistance

Petrova G. V., Donchenko G. V.
Effect of ?-tocopherol on apoptosis and necrosis of rat thymocytes induced by calcium ionophore A23187 in various concentrations

Kerimov B. F.
Glutathione-deficient state of nervous tissues in starved animals intensifies lipid peroxidation and oxidation of protein SH-groups

Kachula S. O., Pentyuk O. O.
Influence of starvation and acetone on the enzyme systems of biotransformation and toxicity of xenobiotics CYP2E1 substrates in rats

Sharykina N. I., Bukhtiarova T. A., Kudryavtseva I. G., Pavlovska G. P.
Cytostatic effects of bifolar and chlofiden. Influence on protein synthesis and cell cycle

Nyzhnyk T. P., Grygoryuk I. P., Mykhalska L. M.
The intensity of lipid peroxidation and enzymatic antioxidative activity in potato leaves under action of drought and polystimulin K

Brief Notes

Semenchenko O. А., Kravchenko L., Fuller B.
ATP level in the whole rat liver during cold hypoxia and subsequent rewarming