Journal archive > 2004 > N 6 November-December

Kinetic regularities of the proceeding and possible reaction mechanism of Mg2+-dependent enzymatic
hydrolysis of ATP in the fraction of plasmatic membranes of the smooth muscle

G. V. Danylovych, S. O. Kosterin

Kinetic regularities of the reaction of Ca2+-independent Mg2+-dependent enzymatic hydrolysis of ATP catalyzed by the so-called "basal" Mg2+-ATPase localized in the plasmatic membrane of the uterus smooth-muscle cells have been studied using the methods of kinetic analysis performed under the equilibrium conditions. The analysis was based on the study of the concentration dependence of initial velocity of nucleoside triphosphate hydrolysis in EGTA-containing medium under the change of general concentrations of ATP [ATP]o and Mg2+[Mg2+]o in conditions of their equimolar ratio ([ATP] / [Mg2+]o) = 1; here the ratio between the concentrations of free reagents ([ATP4-]o/[Mg2+]o) was equal to 1.25.
The obtained concentration dependence was interpreted in terms of two practically possible alternative mechanisms of Mg2+-dependent ATP-hydrolase enzymatic reaction. Mechanism I. Two separate independent centres of Mg ions and ATP binding by the enzymatic protein are supposed to exist, while Mg2+-dependent ATP-hydrolase enzymatic reaction proceeds independent of the equilibrium reaction of Mg ions chelatization of muscleside triphosphate. Mechanism II. The existence of the only centre of the chelate complex Mg2+ATP2- binding is postulated on the enzymatic protein; this process is also realized independent of the binding of Mg2+ and ATP-hydrolase reaction catalized by it.

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