Journal archive > 2004 > N 6, November-December

Anticonvulsive activity of antiepileptic drugs and quantum-chemical modelling of their interaction with GABAA receptor

L. O. Gromov, O. A. Yevtushenko, V. S. Kouts’

The results of experimental analysis of the clinical activity of the antiepileptic drugs’ (Phenobarbital, Carbamazepine, Valproic acid, Lamotrigine, Topiramate, Felbamate) widely used in clinic, that was carried out using the standard convulsion test with bicuculline in vivo were compared with characteristics of these drugs’ interaction with the key aminoacids of GABAA receptor calculated by quantum chemical method (program HyperChem7, semi-empirical method AM1 technique). The correlation between the activity of the drugs in the experiment in vivo and energy of system’s interaction of the drugs with aminoacid residue Thr201-Thr202-Gly203- Ala204-Tyr205-Pro206 was found out.

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