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Na+, K+-ATPase activity and serotonin transport in the rat brain synaptosomes fractions under acute 1,2-dichloroethane intoxication and nicotinamide administration

Yu. I. Gubsky, L. V. Yanitska, M. M. Veliky, T. M. Kuchmerovska

Alterations of Na+, K+-ATPase activity and serotoninergic system functioning were investigated in brain synaptosomes fractions of rats under experimental acute 1,2-dichlorоethane (DChE) intoxication. It was shown that Na+, K+-ATPase activity was markedly increased (by 41.8%) in a period of 24 h after DChE intoxication and decreased (by 27%) after 48 h intoxication. The level of [2-14C]-serotonin uptake by synaptosomes was progressively diminished after 24 and 48 h after DChE injection whereas the activity of monoamine uptake proved to be unchanged. Nicotinamide (200 mg/kg of body weight) was administered to rats subjected to DChE 1, 24 and 36 h after poisoning. The treatment of rats with nicotinamide resulted in some normalization of brain synaptosomal Na+, K+-ATPase activity and serotonin uptake controlled at 48 h after DChE intoxication.

Recieved: 2004-06-06

Published at the site: 2004-12-12

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