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Vol. 76, N 6, November-December, 2004


Bobrovnik S. A.
Solutions of some “insoluble” problems of determining the binding parameters of ligand-receptor interaction

Krasnobryzha E. M., Savchuk O. M., Platonova T. M., Volkov G. L.
The role of the tissue type plasminogen activator and its inhibitor in haemostasis system function in norm and with pathology

Experimental Works

Kovalev N. N., Mikheev E. V.
Substrate specificity of brain cholinesterase activity of evolutionary old species of fishes

Vats Yu. O., Pentyuk O. O., Fedirko N. V.
Kinetic characteristics of Сa2+-transport, Mg2+-activated ATPases from cells of the submandibular salivary gland

Babich L. G., Borisova L. A., Shlykov S. G., Titus O. V., Kosterin S. O.
Influence of Mg ions and spermine on ATP-dependent Ca2+ transport in myometrial intracellular structures. II. Comparative study of spermine, Mg ions and cyclosporin A effects on Ca2+ transport in mitochondria

Grebinyk D. M., Koval T. V., Matyshevska О. P.
Calcium homeostasis during thymocyte apoptosis. I. Increase in cytosolic Са2+ concentration at the early stage of apoptosis induced by hydrogen peroxide

Kalitka V. V., Eremenko O. A.
The factors of antioxidant defence in the blood and liver of pheasants in conditions of ontogenesis

Aleksandrova N. A., Avilov S. V., Zaletok S. P.
Effects of spermine and putrescine on the binding of the transcription factor NF-kappaB to specific DNA sequences

Fomina E. V., Davydov V. V.
Peculiarities of pH influence on aldehyde reductase activity in the liver of rats from different age groups subject to immobilization stress

Pasichna E. P., Morozova R. P., Donchenko G. V., Chekhivska L. I.
Redox-state of NAD pairs and activity of lactatedehydrogenase and NADase in guinea pig tissues at different stages of development of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis

Melnychuk D. O., Melnikova N. M., Derkach E. A.
Age peculiarities of cadmium cumulation in organs of intoxicated rats and changes of indices of acid-alkaline state of blood under different conditions of antioxidant protection

Gospodaryov D. V., Lushak V. I.
The influence of iron ions on the antioxidant enzyme activities in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Gubsky Yu. I., Yanitska L. V., Velyky M. M., Kuchmerovska T. M.
Na+, K+-ATPase activity and serotonin transport in the rat brain synaptosomes fractions under acute 1,2-dichloroethane intoxication and nicotinamide administration

Gryshchenko V. A.
Activation of reparative processes in the affected organs and tissues under neonathal enteropathology of calves by phospholipid drug

Gromov L. O., Yevtushenko O. A., Kouts’ V.S.
Anticonvulsive activity of antiepileptic drugs and quantum-chemical modelling of their interaction with GABAA receptor

Brief Notes

Bodnarchuk L. I., Stakhman Ye. S.
ATPase and phosphatase activity of drone brood

Bobrovnik S. A., Stevens F. J.
Evaluation of intramolecular interaction between complementary domains, connected with a flexible chain


Gordienko A. I.
New approach to an increase in specificity of determination of antibodies to lipopolysaccharides of gram-negative bacteria by solid-phase enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Lugovskoy E. V., Kolesnikova I. N., Lugovskaya N. E., Litvinova L. M., Gritsenko P. G., Gogolinskaya G. K., Lyashko E. D., Kostyuchenko E. P., Remisovsky G. A., Pedchenko V. N., Komisarenko S. V.
Quantification of D-dimer and soluble fibrin in blood plasma at ischemic heart disease and hypertension

Simulation of Biochemical Processes

Danylovych G. V., Kosterin S. O.
Kinetic regularities of the proceeding and possible reaction mechanism of Mg2+-dependent enzymatic hydrolysis of ATP in the fraction of plasmatic membranes of the smooth muscle