Journal archive > 2004 > N 5, September-October

Decrease of mutagenic action of cyclophosphamide by buckwheat melanin preparation

V. A. Baraboj, A. D. Durnev, A. B. Oreshchenko, O. N. Alexejeva, B. N. Ogarkov, L. V. Samusenok, V. A. Pestunovich

Melanins are polyphenolic pigments of plants, animals and microbes with antioxidant and antiradiation activity. Water-soluble melanin from buckwheat is experienced as antimutagenic means (0.01–10 mg/kg per os) for cyclophosphamide (20 mg/kg i.p.) in the 3 series of experiments. The frequency of chromosome aberrations in the cells of mice bone marrow after mutagene is reduced 2–6 times once under influence of melanin.

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