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Neuroprotective effect of N-acylethanolamines under chronic morphine dependence.
I. Rat brain phospholipids as a rational target of their action

N. M. Gula, V. M. Margitich, M. V. Artamonov, O. D. Zhukov, T. M. Goridko, V. M. Klimashevsky

The influence of saturated and unsaturated N-acylethanolamines (NAEs) mixture on the rat brain lipid composition under the chronic morphine dependence was studied. It was shown that the long-term administration of NAE to rats with experimental morphine dependence restored the morphine-induced alterations of the brain phospholipid composition. This effect can probably be explained by a fatty acyl transfer from NAE to sn-1 position of some brain glycerophospholipids. Another reason of NAE beneficial effect could be due to its antioxidative property, thus providing the remodelling of phospholipid composition. The restoration of the brain essential phospholipids is associated with the decline in morphine consumption in rats with experimental morphine dependence. The mechanism of this phenomenon requires further investigations.

Recieved: 2004-04-23

Published at the site: 2004-10-10

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