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Rоstislav Vsevolodovich Chagovets. Creative activity and scientific school
On the 100th Anniversary of Birth

G. V. Donchenko, Yu. M. Parkhomenko, T. M. Kuchmerovska

Herein we review the main stages of life and scientific work of Rostislav Vsevolodovich Chagovets, prominent biochemist and vitaminologist, Member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukrainian SSR, professor and talanted pedagogue. As a founder of scientific school of vitaminologists and researcher in the field of muscle biochemistry, nutrition and vitamins he made a valuable contribution to development of the national and world biochemistry. This work reflects the main trends of fundamental scientific investigations and developments of vitaminological school founded by R. V. Chagovets which underlied the development of contemporary practical vitaminology.

Recieved: 2004-08-08

Published at the site: 2004-08-08

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