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Theoretical and practical aspects of modern vitaminology

 V. B. Spirichev

General subjects and achievements of modern vitaminology are discussed.

The most impressive success in fundamental vitaminology during last three-four decades was achieved in the following areas:
- elucidation of vitamins metabolic roles and molecular mechanisms in their action;
- development and improvement of highly sensitive modern methods for analytical vitamins determination in biological objects and food;
- creation of reliable criteria and methods for human vitamin status assessment;
- examination of physiological human vitamin requirements and establishment of Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) or Adequate Levels (AL) of their intake;
- elaboration of scientifical grounds for reasonable vitamins application in diseases prevention and treatment.

In the field of applied vitaminology main attention during last decades was given to the next subjects:
- regular broad vitamin status examination of representative groups of population;
- reasoning, development, realization and evaluation of broad scale measures for prevention of vitamin insufficiency and improvement of vitamin status of population;
- development and industrial production of vitamins, multivitamin-mineral preparations and various vitamin enriched foodstuffs for the same purpose.

Decrease of state financial support for fundamental studies and cessation of such a support for applied investigation make it necessary to organize nonstate commercial scientific-technologic center functioning on the requests of vitamin producers and consumers.

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