Journal archive > 2004 > N4, July-August

Antioxidant vitamins and selenium in the prevention of white muscle disease in calves

R. Y. KravtsivA. M. Stadnyk, M. G. Lychuk

Comparative data on the influence of selenium and cobalt inorganic compounds and their chelate complexes with methionin along with intramuscular injection of the vitamin preparation “Ursovit” on metabolism and treatment of calves with the symptoms of white muscle diseases are given in the paper. The increase of vitamins A, E, B12 and carotene and selenium contents in the blood of affected animals, correction of hemopoiesis, immune and antioxidant systems have been stated. The best therapeutic effect has been noticed when using chelate trace-element along with the preparation “Ursovit”.

Recieved: 2004-08-08

Published at the site: 2004-08-08