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Extracellular free DNA fragments and DNAse activity in blood serum of rats with transplantated
Guerin’s carcinoma against a background of fractionated X-irradiati

О. M. MarchenkoG. P. KopylchukI. A. Shmarakov

The fraction composition of extracellular free DNA (cfDNA) and activity of serum DNases in blood of rats with the tumor transplantated against a background of the low-dose X-irradiation were investigated. Heterogeneous fragments of cfDNA and high level of DNAse activity were revealed in the serum of irradiated rats. The definite sizes of high-molecular homogenous fraction of cfDNA, which is observed in the serum of irradiated and unirradiated rats with tumor, and its presence from the first stages of tumor growth independent of serum DNases activity show, that the emergence of this fraction is not accidental. Previous fractionated irradiation makes influence on the investigation data only on the primary stages of tumor growth.

Recieved: 2003-11-27

Published at the site: 2004-06-06