Journal archive > 2004 > N3, May-June

Adaptation of amperometric enzyme biosensor for glucose analysis in wine

L. V. Shkotova, A. P. Soldatkin, S. V. Dzyadevich

The amperometric enzyme biosensor was used for glucose analysis in grape wine. To decrease the influence of the samples under analysis on analytical characteristics of the biosensor the additional nafion membrane was deposited on the enzyme membrane. The sensor work was investigated in different conditions. It was shown that application of additional membrane did not change effectively main analytical characteristics of the biosensor. Biosensors with and without additional membrane are characterized by similar linear dependence on glucose concentration (0–8 mM) and on minimal detection limit of glucose (30 ?M). Experiments for detection of glucose concentration in wine by means of the biosensor with additional negative charge membrane were conducted. A good correlation between data obtained by the biosensor method and presented by producers was shown.

Recieved: 2003-10-28

Published at the site: 2004-06-06

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