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Effect of zencore on the amount of glucose and activity of gluconeogenesis enzymes
in carp’s (Cyprinus carpio L.) tissues at different temperatures

О. B. Mekhed, B. V. Yakovenko, A. O. Zhidenko

The dynamics of glucose and activity of glucose-6-phosphatase and fructose-1,6-biphosphatase (enzymes of gluconeogenes proceeding in carp’s liver, muscles and brain) has been examined under conditions of low temperature and under the influence of 4-amino-6-(tert-butyl )-3-methyltio-4,5-dihidro-1,2,4-triazyne-5-one. The level of activity of basic enzymes of gluconeogenes increases and glucose amount decreases under the decrease of temperature and changes in toxicological conditions.

Recieved: 2003-09-01

Published at the site: 2004-06-06

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