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Vol. 76, N 3, May-June, 2004


Skok M. V.
Neuronal nicotinic receptors: structure and function in different types of cells

Makar I. A., Martyshchuk M. V., Havryliak V. V.,  Fedkiv О. О.,  Stapay P. V.,  Syvyk A. E.,  Sedilo  G. M.
Biochemical bases of melanogenesis and ways of its regulation

Taran L. D.
Thrombolysis: achievements, problems, prospects

Experimental Works

Muradian Kh. K., Utko N. A., Mozzhukhina T. G., Pishel I. N., Fraifeld V., Litoshenko A. Ya.
Catalase and glutathione-peroxidase: qualitatively different correlations with the rate of oxygen consumption

Semchyshyn H. M., Lushak V. I.
Effect of protonofore 2,4-dinitrophenol on catalase activity of intact Escherichia coli bacteria

Pozdnjakova Yu. M.,  Pivnenko T. N., Epshtein L. M. 
Activity of proteolytic and nucleolytic enzymes from gonades of hydrobionts

Krasnobryzha I. M., Savchuk O. M., Volkov G. L.
Study of streptokinase influence on the haemostasis system parameters in model systems in vivo

Platonova T. M., Gornitskaya O. V.
Isolation and characteristics of the protein C activator from Agkistrodon halys halys snake venom

Vernigora A. N., Bardinova ZH. S., Smetanin M. A., Gengin M. T.
Effect of a single emotional-algesic stress on the basic carboxypeptidases activity in rat brain regions and adrenals

Suvorova I. N., Davydov V. V.
Age peculiarities of changes of superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase and catalase activity in the brain of rats during immobilized stress

Kurhalyuk N. M., Tkachenko G. M.
Monitoring of myocardium mitochondria functional state under adaptation to intermittent hypoxia and treatment with L-arginine

Soldatov A. A., Parfyonova I. A., Konoshenko S. V.
Haemoglobin system of Black Sea round goby under experimental hypoxia conditions

Datsenko Z. M., Boroda A. N., Kanivets N. V., Chernyavsky P. V., Filinov O. Yu., Shovkun S. A.
Distribution of fatty acids of plasmalogenic phospholipids in human erythrocytes and endometrium under hyperplasia of various character

Avilov S. V., Aleksandrova N. A., Kunda Ye. M., Verevka S. V., Shirsha Yu. M.
Use of soybean trypsin inhibitor for modification of gold surface of the sensor chips of surface plasmon resonance spectrometer

Borikov A. Yu., Kaliman P. A.
Influence of cadmium chloride and hydrogen peroxide on the content of phosphoinositides in isolated hepatocytes of rats

Mekhed О. B., Yakovenko B. V., Zhidenko A. O.
Effect of zencore on the amount of glucose and activity of gluconeogenesis enzymes in carp’s (Cyprinus carpio L.) tissues at different temperatures

Shkotova L. V., Soldatkin A. P., Dzyadevich S. V.
Adaptation of amperometric enzyme biosensor for glucose analysis in wine

Brief Notes

Savchuk A. N., Chernishov V. I., Volkov G. L.
Investigations of fibrin clots formation under the effect of thrombin and ancystron

Mihailik I. V., Prokopova K. V., Ostapchenko L. I., Kucherenko M. Ye.
Investigation of interferon-induced system of 2?,5?-oligoadenylate in lymphoid cells under the action of X-radiation

Marchenko M. M., Kopylchuk G. P., Shmarakov I. O.
Extracellular free DNA fragments and DNAse activity in blood serum of rats with transplantated Guerin’s carcinoma against a background of fractionated X-irradiation


Lushak V. I., Bagnyukova T. V., Lushchak O. V.
Indices of oxidative stress. 1. TBA-reactive substances and carbonylproteins

Mathematical Modeling of Biochemical Processes

Bobrovnik S. A.
Effect of ligand concentration on the precision of determining the parameters of ligand-receptor interaction by serial dilution methods