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Biochemist academician Ivan Horbachevsky. Life and activity

I. D. Holovatsky

The 150th anniversary of birth of Ivan Yakovych Horbachevsky (15.05.1854–24.05.1942) is celebrated in 2004. He was a well-known biochemist and epidemiologist, professor of medical chemistry of the Vienna University, Czech University of Prague from 1883 (rector – from 1902), Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukr.SSR (sinse 1925), the well-known public figure. His main works belonged to the field of physiological chemistry. I. Ya. Horbachevsky was the first to synthesize uric acid (1882), he established sources and methods of its formation in the organism. He established that amino acids are the components of proteins, discovered the enzyme xanthine oxidase, performed synthesis of creatine, investigated vitamins, found out the causes of pellagra, studied the problems of nutrition of Halychina population. Professor I. Ya. Horbachevsky is the author of the manual in physiological chemistry in four volumes which he wrote in Czech (1904–1908) and in organical chemistry in Ukrainian (1924). He initiated the creation of Ukrainian chemical terminology.

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