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Effect of iodine and cobalt salts on biologically active substances content in spirulina biomass

A. V. Kotinsky,   L. A. Chernukhina, G. V. Donchenko, O. M. Palivoda, Yu. V. KostenkoS. P. Stepanenko, K. O. Palivoda

Production technology of iodinized spirulina biomass at vertical panel airlifted photobioreactor has been developed. The influence of different concentrations of iodine ions at certain combinations with cobalt ions on iodine-accumulative properties of spirulina has been studied.

It has been shown that it is possible to obtain spirulina biomass containing certain amount of organically bound iodine by varying cobalt and iodine ions combinations and by staged addition of ions to incubation medium. This technique of staged addition of iodine and cobalt salt allowed to adopt spirulina to their high amount in the incubation medium, to increase spirulina productivity during growth, and to produce biomass with large iodine content.

Recieved: 2003-10-30

Published at the site: 2004-04-04

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