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РС-12 cells hydrolyze the fibrin clot by producing both plasminogen and its tissue activator

Yu. I. Petrova, O. M. Savchuk, O. M. Kalashnik, T. M. PlatonovaM. V. Skok, S. Cederholm-Williams

It has been shown that rat pheochromocytoma PC-12 cells degraded fibrin clots in vitro. SDS-PAGE performed in the gels of different density and Western blotting using monoclonal antibodies against DD- and D-fibrin fragments demonstrated that both high and low molecular weight degradation products similar to those of fibrin hydrolysis by plasmin had been formed. Enzyme electrophoresis, chromogenic assay and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay using tPA specific antibodies demonstrated that PC-12 cells constitutively secreted both plasminogen and tPA. The results obtained allow using PC-12 cells as a model to examine the interaction of nerve cells with the fibrin clot.

Recieved: 2003-10-10

Published at the site: 2004-04-04

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