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Vol. 76, N 2, March-April, 2004


Ivakhno S. S., Kornelyuk O. I.
Microarrays: technologies overview and data analysis

Volkov G. L., Andrianov S. I., Havrylyuk E. S., Goroshnikova N. V.
Biomoleculs purification by the method of the expanded bed adsorption chromatography. II. Design of the experiment

Semchyshyn H. M., Lushak V. I.
Oxidative stress and control of catalase activity in Escherichia coli

Experimental Works

Myshunina T. M., Kononenko V. Ya., Levchuk N. I.
Glutamate decarboxylase activity and GABA binding by synaptic membranes of brain under stress in rats with compensatory activation of hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal system 

Danylovych H. V.
Effect of eosin Y on Ca2+ independent, Mg2+-dependent ATPase activity of smooth muscle cell plasma membranes

Menzikov S. A.,  Menzikova O. V.
Influence of chloride and bicarbonate ions on Mg2+-ATPase of plasma membranes of bream (Abramis brama L.) brain sensitive to GABAA-ergic  compounds

Boiko N. M., Tselevych M. V., Sanagurski D. I.
Activity of membrane Na+, K+-ATPase of embryos of loach (Misgurnus fossilis L.) under the influence of heavy metal cations

Petrova Yu. I., Savchuk O. M., Kalashnik  O. M., Platonova T. M.,  Skok M. V., Cederholm-Williams S. 
РС-12 cells hydrolyze the fibrin clot by producing both plasminogen and its tissue activator

Zhirnov V. V., Gaviy V. M., Kazimirov А. S.
Influence of ?-radiation on human erythrocyte surface potential under eicosanoid metabolism inhibition

Antonyuk V. O.
L-fucose-specific lectin from pike perch (Lucioperca lucioperca L.) roe: purification and studies of carbohydrate specificity

Vasilinchuk N. N.
Diltiazem influence on the content of cholesterol, phospholipids and free radical oxidation process intensity in plasma membranes of cardiomyocytes and blood cells under the effect of experimental hypercholesterolemia

Bozhko I. V., Sokolyk V. V., Chursina V. S.
Investigation of lipoprotein metabolism in persons with abstinence

Pivovarchik M. V.
Change of dopamine, serotonin and opioid neuromediator systems under the rat brain adaptation to prolonged effect of ethanol

Yusova O. I., Grinenko  T. V., Volkov G. L.
Influence of streptokinase on the interaction of ?-2-antiplasmin with different sites of plasmin molecule

Borikov A. Yu., Kaliman P. A.
The effect of cadmium chloride and hydrogen peroxide on the peroxidation and content of some lipid fractions in hepatocytes of rats

Kotinsky A. V., Chernukhina L. A., Donchenko G. V.,  Palivoda  O. M., Kostenko Yu. V., Stepanenko S. P., Palivoda K. O.
Effect of iodine and cobalt salts on biologically active substances content in spirulina biomass

Brief Notes

Sybirna N. O., Vovk O. I., Drobot L. B.
Changes in functional state of the low-molecular G-proteins platelet under type 1 diabetes mellitus

Vdovenko N. V., Lyakhov A. M., Mogilevich S. Ye.
Interaction of preparation “ATP-LONG” with distearoylphosphatidylcholine monolayer

Vovchuk I. L., Chernadchuk S. S.
Activity of tissue cathepsin-L-like proteinases of women with womb body oncopathology

Mathematical Modeling of Biochemical Processes

Kovalskyy D. B. , Ivanova O. S., Dubyna V. M., Kanibolotsky D. S., Kornelyuk O. I.
Generalized ordering parameter S2 as measure of the conformational flexibility of proteins: comparison of algorithms of S2calculation from molecular dynamics simulation data 

History of Science

Holovatsky I. D.
Biochemist academician Ivan Horbachevsky. Life and activity